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We offer full-service web and application development for small businesses who need to sell goods or offer services online. We design and build engaging websites for awesome companies, just like yours!


From system architecture to web layouts and imagery, we'll give your brand an effective digital voice...with good looks to boot.


Our technology is built to industry standards using the latest and greatest software development tools, ensuring your most niche business needs are effectively covered.


We partner with Stripe and Square to seamlessly and securely manage all of your customer payments and revenue streams.

User Management

We ensure your customer accounts are handled securely through proper authentication and user management systems.


Our tech toolkit and internet expertise will ensure your website is optimized for search engines to enable you to connect with your future customers.


We give you direct access to all your business data with custom reports to help you make informed decisions through meaningful insights.

about us

We design and build from the ground up

Programming all of our sites from scratch means we can meet any business requirement for any project. Sure, DIY web solutions like Shopify and Wix work just fine...until you need some level of customization. Therein lies biggest benefit of choosing Wavefoundry - if you can dream it, we can build it.

We love what we do, and what you do

We're just as passionate about building software as we are about seeing your business thrive. When you choose Wavefoundry as your technology partner, rest assured that we are fully committed to growing your brand and improving your business through our technology. Just ask our clients!

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featured projects

We're proud of the work we do and the businesses our clients build. Check out some of the companies and organizations we've worked with in the past.


Till is a food delivery service located in Birmingham, Alabama which allows customers to order locally-sourced produce, meats and pantry items from local farms, delivered right to their doorstep. Customers can search for food from over 20 artisan farmers and learn about the origins of each farm. Till currently has a userbase of over 650 customers which grows every week.

Wavefoundry began working with till in early 2020, helping them rebuild their site from the ground up. We migrated their web operations and data from a WooCommerce site to a custom Wavefoundry platform, greatly enhancing user experience, farmer transparency and customer satisfaction.

Cool Features
  • Custom integration with OptimoRoute to assist with driving logistics and order delivery
  • Content management system for blogs and recipes with an integrated cart for seamless ingredient purchases
  • Customer referral program to improve user engagement and growth

dzign studio

Dzign Studio is a husband and wife duo specializing in custom poured acrylic, industrial frames, and woodwork. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dzign Studio builds and sells handmade creations for weddings and home decor. They began selling their products in early 2020 to local friends and family, but later started shipping across state lines with the help of the internet...and Wavefoundry.

When selling products on Etsy just wasn’t cutting it, Wavefoundry started working with Dzign Studio in July of 2020 with a blank slate. We designed and built a shiny new website from scratch, offering a vast array of product customization features to help cover the broad spectrum of product options available from this online boutique.

Cool Features
  • Custom order request + customer invoicing feature
  • Ability for users to upload images and provide detailed personalizations
  • Custom order tracking and carrier tracking

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